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Name/nickname: Tiffany,
Gender: Female
Favorite SEED/GSD character and why (this is only for reference and will NOT decide your vote!): Athrun because he's strong willed and determined!
Favorite MS and why: Justice because it's powerful
Favorite pairing and why: kira and lacus. they're just perfect for eachother
Favorite episode or scene and why:I like when Athrun and Cagalli first meet on the island and are stuck together, because it's just really funny and cute
Favorite SEED/GSD song and why:Pride because it has an awsome beat and i could easily listen to it for hours
Briefly describe your personality.: Well, I'm solitary most of the time, shy when i'm around alot of people or people i don't know, i'm usually calm and I'm the person people come to when they don't understand their homework. I'm calm most of the time but my temper can light up really fast if i'm having a bad day. When i'm around friends and family I'm sarcastic and have really good come-backs if someone ticks me off. I like to help people and am kind to people i have no reason to be unkind to. I don't like to be in crowds and i'm slightly anti-social. I like to think things through before i do them but if I get really ticked of and my temper flares i tend to be impulsive and not to worry about what happens.
If you had the opportunity to own/pilot your own mobile suit, would you? Why or why not? And if so, describe what it would be like. Yes i would because while i dont' like the thought of war i would want to protect the people i care about and to be able to make a difference. also it would be an awsome experience
Would you rather be a natural or a coordinator? Why?:I'd definitly be a coordinator because of their enhanced physical abilties and mental capacity.
Do you identify well with your gender? (i.e. if you're a girl, are you a tomboy or more of a girly type?):sorta. i am kinda a tomboy because i HATE dresses and the color pink, and i don't like wearing skirts or tight shirts either. i only put on a little make-up and I really don't like cloths and shoe shopping (though all other kind of shopping is ok) and gossip bores me. I'm not really girly but i do have long hair and a sense of hygeine.
Are you an emotional person? Do you tend to hide them, or wear them on your sleeve? I'm usually not emotional but if someone catches me off guard then i tend to say and do things that i wouldn't with my guard up
Introverted or extroverted? How so?: I'm introverted because i don't let people know what i'm thinking or feeling and i prefer being alone instead of the company of others and because i tend not to let people know my weaknesses for fear of getting hurt, and i find it easier to just keep to myself.
What are your strengths?:I'm smart, funny, witty, sarcastic, good at fakeing emotions(i.e. acting happy when i'm depressed or intrested when really i'm bored out of my mind), good lier, patient, good listener, responsible, independant, i'm good with people when i'm forced to be around them, I have a photographic memory, rational, and mature.
What are your weaknesses?:Anti-social, can't hold my tears if someone hurts me when i'm off gaurd, really stubborn, holds grudges a long time, harsh when i'm annoyed, afraid of too much change and of what ppl would think if i showed them my real emotions, daydream alot, over analyze things, very low self-esteem, and i procratonate alot. I get confused alot when it comes to if i should trust someone or if what i'm doing is right or wrong, I usually don't voice my opinion and i'm really afraid of getting hurt.

If this is your second time applying, who were you stamped as last time? Do you agree or disagree with your stamp? Explain.: i was stamped a long time ago, but i can't remember what it was lol
Anything else you'd like to have considered?: nope that's about all

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