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Aubrey Buehner


Name/nickname: Aubrey; Nickname: Bre
Gender: Female
Favorite SEED/GSD character and why (this is only for reference and will NOT decide your vote!): Fllay Allster. I loved how realistic her character was and enjoyed how she helped move the story along.
Favorite MS and why: ZGMF-X42S Destiny; This moblie suit definitely caught my attention thanks to the Wings of Light system giving it superior speed, and I just loved the overall design.
Favorite pairing and why: Kiray [Kira x Fllay], Simply because it's the most realistic pairing in the entire series next to Mwu and Murrue's relationship. I absolutely adore this pairing and find it to be my OTP.
Favorite episode or scene and why: Favorite episode has got to be PHASE 15: The Respective Solitudes. It became my favorite since it shows the reality of what soilders go through [Ex. Kira crying over not being able to save the little girl] and brings about a showing of how far Fllay is willing to go to get Kira to fall for her so she may manipulate him.
Favorite SEED/GSD song and why: Most definitely "Mica Arisaka - Life Goes On" this song was stuck in my head for what felt like forever! I can't explain why I like it more so then the others I just do D: 
Briefly describe your personality: I'm very blunt. No. I'm EXCEEDINGLY blunt. I have a tendency to say things when I shouldn't and give people the harsh truth even if I know it will hurt them [Although sometimes say things without realizing that it's going to hurt peoples feelings]. I'm heavily sarcastic v.v;; If someone says something that I think is stupid I immediately come up with a smarass remark. I can be a bitch at times too >.> I can be out going though and am usually up for anything.
If you had the opportunity to own/pilot your own mobile suit, would you? Why or why not? And if so, describe what it would be like: I would rather not pilot or own a moble suit. It's just how I am. I'd rather be the one giving the orders behind those that pilot the moblie suits. Granted the idea of owning one would be pretty damn sweet, but it's not something I could see my self piloting.
Would you rather be a natural or a coordinator? Why?: Well. The idea of being a coordinator is tempting but I'd rather be a Natural [Extended]. Since the question though was just "natural or coordinator" I'll just slide with Natural. I feel like even though coordinators have heightened abilities it's still not worth it. I'd rather rely on what my parents gave me as far as genes go and just accept that maybe I can't do something that a coordinator, or another natural can.
Do you identify well with your gender? (i.e. if you're a girl, are you a tomboy or more of a girly type?): I'm a mix of tomboy and girly-girl. I love to dress up for events, and out goings, but if I'm just with friends I'll just grab whatever is on top in my dresser. I also prefer sitting at home playing video games then having someone take me out to eat.
Are you an emotional person? Do you tend to hide them, or wear them on your sleeve? I'm extremely emotional v.v;; I tend to be VERY vocal about how I feel especially when something pisses me off. I have a tendency to cry easily too v.v;;
Introverted or extroverted? How so?: Introverted. I'd rather sit at home then go out and find something to do even though I have a very out going personality. Unless it's with friends I tend to decline offers to go places or do things.
What are your strengths?: My honesty, and creativity.
What are your weaknesses?: Being to honest for my own good, and school wise, Math. I also tend to get manipulated a lot while I'm angry x.x
Anything else you'd like to have considered?:  Not really :O
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