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Name/Nickname: Cynthia / Cyn, kuramaxhiei
Gender: Female

Favorite SEED/GSD character and why:

If I had to pick only one, it would be Kira. It may seem stereotypical, but he's such a kind, gentle, caring and unassuming person that I find him simply charming. His sensitivity is also an added bonus to me. He seems to be very in touch with his feelings, and he's able to cry when he needs to. In that sense, even if he's the character who angsts the most in all of Gundam SEED, he still remains one of the least screwed up, compared to Fllay and Athrun. I find that Athrun is too fickle for me. Not that he isn't cute, but his indecisiveness irritates me somewhat. Kira has a good deal more determination once he has all the facts. Not to mention that his decision not to kill anyone anymore showed incredible strength of will. It certainly takes a very determined person to fight with all his strength while still holding back just enough not to kill anyone. If I had to pick a second favorite, it would be Lacus. Not only is she incredibly mature for her age, but she is also kind and considerate, and shows a surprisingly sharp wit, more so than you would think she has upon first seeing her. I also find that under very similar circumstances to Fllay's, her attitude was the right one, whereas Fllay's was the wrong and immature one: Fllay's attitude was self-centered, vengeful, hateful and bitter; Lacus, on the other hand, held herself with grace, dignity, composure, compassion and surprising inner strength. Lacus is also always modest but with a strong sense of justice and an equally strong determination. Even Lacus' fashion sense reflects her unique personality: her clothes are simple but give her a refined and elegant look, but they never go too far in terms of revealing too much flesh. Her appearance matches her personality perfectly: simple elegance.

Favorite MS and why:

Again it may seem stereotypical but, Freedom. I'm not considering Strike Freedom because I prefer every single aspect of Gundam SEED to every single aspect of Gundam SEED Destiny, MS included. I mean come on, an orange, a purple and a pink MS? That's really going too far! *ahem* But to get back to Freedom, it was at the same time a very powerful MS and piloted by the most unassuming guy in the entire show. Piloted by anyone but Kira, Freedom would have been a stereotypical weapon of mass destruction, or rather, mass murder. But with that much strength, Kira used it only to end the war, and did not kill anyone after he had vowed to himself that he would not. Athrun seemed to try to imitate him in that with Justice, but I failed to notice whether Athrun actually killed someone with Justice.

Favorite pairing and why:

Most definitely Kira and Lacus. I find Athrun and Cagalli to be too much of a pairing of circumstances, put together somewhat randomly and very disorderly. Kira and Lacus at least got to talk as friends, to know one another well, before they even began to like one another. Also, they connected in a more natural way than Athrun and Cagalli. Both Kira and Lacus knew they had many things in common, and both liked one another at least a little from the very first. Some people will say that Kira connected with Fllay, and he did, but I certainly wouldn't call it love on either side. It's more like a desperate coupling of two lost souls who were in a lot of pain at the time their "mating" took place, but afterwards, Kira, at least, seemed to regret it. Kira and Lacus understand each other without the need for spoken words. They also don't need physical displays to prove their love for one another. In that sense, they have a far deeper and more meaningful relationship than any two other characters in the series, and I'm including Mu and Murrue in that lot.

Favorite episode or scene and why:

One of my favorite scenes would have to be in episode 45, the one where Kira finds out about the circumstances of his birth, and about his real parents. The whole episode is fascinating, with the mind-blowing flashbacks. You're at the same time riveted with interest and horrified at some of the scenes being shown. Subsequently to this episode, another favorite of mine is the whole scene when Kira has fainted in episode 46 and later awakens to Cagalli and the infamous picture, and ends up crying his heart out in Lacus' lap. The episode where Athrun wakes up on Cagalli's ship and they have their very emotional shouting match, that's also one of my favorite scenes. I also like any scene where Athrun or Kira is talking fondly to other people about each other.

Favorite SEED/GSD song and why:

If I had to pick one, it would be Find the Way. Aside from being, in my opinion, the most beautiful of the ending themes, I also find it to be the best song in the whole of Gundam SEED, because it's so soft and gentle that it captures the fragile state of things from episode 40 and forward. A perfectly fitting song for the last part of the series. If I had to pick a second favorite song, it would be, without a doubt, Anna ni Issho Datta no Ni, a song which perfectly captures the deep relationship between Athrun and Kira. Perhaps the most important song of the entire series, in that sense, and hauntingly beautiful for both its lyrics and its music. As for my favorite opening theme, it would have to be Realize. It's loaded with beautiful, meaningful images, and I simply adore the beat and lyrics of this song.

Briefly describe your personality:

Mostly serious, very self-conscious, a little lazy, a bit of a know-it-all. I care very little what most people think of me, and in fact, my thinking can be on the twisted side. I love to read fantasy and police intrigue novels and, obviously, manga. I'm a person who finds that most anime series that are made from a manga tend to not compare to the original manga, and similarly, I also find that dubbed series suck in comparison to the original japanese version. I'm a fairly good and quick learner when it comes to electronics, but I suck at stuff like science. I like to use well-structured, grammar-proper and well-punctuated sentences, though I tend to prefer them on the long side. I despise most American music, liking only 80s, rock, and alternative music, as well as very few pop songs, but I find styles like R&B and rap to be both degrading and hardly worth being called music. I also have little tolerance for idiots.

If you had the opportunity to own/pilot your own mobile suit, would you? Why or why not? And if so, describe what it would be like:

In a sense I would, because it would be the same feel as in a video game, only ten times more dangerous; in another sense, I would not, because I'd rather be the "girlfriend" who's protected by the brave and kind pilot. Guess I'm a "princess" at heart. :P

Would you rather be a natural or a coordinator? Why?

Link Action!

Coordinator, because Naturals are prejudiced, ignorant and fearful. And obviously, because of the better immune system and greater ease of learning.

Do you identify well with your gender:

Not really. I don't like skirts or dresses very much, instead preferring a good pair of jeans or cargo pants, or even shorts, any day. I do like the slightly dressy tops though. However, I despise shaving and epilation both, and I tend to get lazy and easily discouraged when it comes to either. Hair is also a pain since mine is a little long.

Are you an emotional person? Do you tend to hide them, or wear them on your sleeve:

I don't show my feelings much. I tend to be socially appropriate though, ie smile happily when I receive a gift, or am greeting someone. I try not to make it just a polite smile because of how hypocritical those always look. I don't like showing how I feel because I don't like being that vulnerable to others.

Introverted or extroverted? How so?

Introverted. I keep my weird thoughts to myself except around really close friends. :P I think too much, about too many things, and about too unimportant things, and I have a pretty vivid imagination.

What are your strengths?

My ease with electronics, my quick-learning, my wild imagination, my sense of logic, my love of books, my eagerness to learn when I'm really interested in soething, and my patience.

What are your weaknesses?

My tendency to put off doing things until later (and often the last minute), my laziness, my tendency to talk too much and too fast, my carelessness, my difficulty in admitting when I'm wrong, my argumentative nature.

If this is your second time applying, who were you stamped as last time? Do you agree or disagree with your stamp? Explain.


Anything else you'd like to have considered?

Umm... be gentle, I guess? ^^;;;

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