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SEED Mirror

You know you want to.

SEED Mirror [The Gundam SEED Rating Community]
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to seed_mirror: The Gundam SEED rating community!

Here you can find out what character from Gundam SEED (or Gundam SEED Destiny) you are most like, hence the name SEED Mirror. :D

Here's how it works:

1. Join the community by clicking the link near the top of this page.
2. Fill out the questionnaire below and post it in the community. Make sure comments are enabled!
3. Members of the community will read through your answers and then comment with what character they think you are most like.
4. Once a week, I will go through the entries and tally up the votes, then post the results. You will then be given a banner displaying which character you were voted most like for you to place anywhere you want.

Pretty easy, huh? There are a few rules, though:
1. Please don't join the community, post your questionnaire and then leave when you get your results! This community won't work unless we have people willing to vote on other members, so please vote often!
2. Do not vote on your own entry. A vote for yourself will not be counted.
3. Do NOT vote based on trivial things like appearance, username, favorite character, etc. Vote based on the answers the member puts down!
4. On a similar note, please don't lie in your questionnaire to up your chances of getting your favorite character. Anyone can tell you you are most like him/her, but this community will tell you who you are *really* most like!
5. Gender is NOT a factor. i.e., if you are a girl, you CAN be voted as most like a male character!
6. Vote what you think! So what if the majority seems to think otherwise? :P

The Survey
This is what you fill out in your post! Please bold the questions and LJ-cut your answers.

Favorite SEED/GSD character and why (this is only for reference and will NOT decide your vote!):
Favorite MS and why:
Favorite pairing and why:
Favorite episode or scene and why:
Favorite SEED/GSD song and why:
Briefly describe your personality.:
If you had the opportunity to own/pilot your own mobile suit, would you? Why or why not? And if so, describe what it would be like.
Would you rather be a natural or a coordinator? Why?:
Do you identify well with your gender? (i.e. if you're a girl, are you a tomboy or more of a girly type?):
Are you an emotional person? Do you tend to hide them, or wear them on your sleeve?
Introverted or extroverted? How so?:
What are your strengths?:
What are your weaknesses?:
If this is your second time applying, who were you stamped as last time? Do you agree or disagree with your stamp? Explain.:
Anything else you'd like to have considered?:

Possible Outcomes
The characters you can vote for:
Kira Yamato
Athrun Zala
Dearka Elthman
Yzak Jule
Nicol Amarfi
Murrue Ramius
Mwu La Fllaga
Ssigh Argyle
Miriallia Haww
Kuzzey Buskirk
Tolle Koenig
Lacus Clyne
Andrew Waldfeldt
Cagalli Yula Athha
Natarle Badgiruel
Fllay Allster
Raww Le Klueze
Shinn Asuka
Gilbert Dullindal
Lunamaria Hawke
Talia Gladys
Meyrin Hawke
Rey Za Burrel
Neo Lorrnoke
Stellar Loussier
Sting Oakley
Auel Neider
Meer Campbell
Heine Westenfluss

This community was originally created by lacus and is now moderated by bob_always_wins, nauseum_bomb and luinthoron.